Sunday, September 25, 2011


This image shows "simplicity". The picture is very simple and easy to see and understand. Not many things are included in this picture, which makes the picture easy and simple to understand.
This image is an example of "framing". The picture is framed around the fireplace. The outline of the picture adds more to the picture.
This image is an example of "balance". The mirror is balanced between the two lamps, adding more frame and shape to the picture.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Podcast & Piracy

In our podcast, all of our work is our original work. However, we did use to edit our picture for our podcast. That website is okay to use because it is public domain and is on the Internet for anyone to use. All the website does is allow people to edit their pictures.
    In some cases, downloading music can be wrong, but in other cases, it is perfectly okay to do. If someone downloads music without paying for it fist, then it is illegal. However, if they pay for the songs they download it is okay, Unless, they download the songs and make a CD for their friends. No one can buy music and share it with others who have not paid for that music. I think copyright laws should exist. Every time someone takes a song without paying for it first, they take away more than they think. They take away from the artist along with everyone involved in that music company. Artists around the world lose money due to people taking their music. Piracy is so prevalent in our society because it takes away so much from people, and with today’s economy, people really can not afford that. Piracy causes more and more people to lose money every year.
    If someone were to use either my graphic or podcast without first getting my permission, I would not like that at all. As a group in class, we worked very hard on everything we did. If someone was to take that without giving us credit or asking us first, it would not be fair to us. If someone wants a podcast or graphic of their own, they can make one themselves, they do not have to take away from other people.

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