Friday, August 19, 2011


I have had many experiences with technology throughout my life. I took a computer class all nine years of grade school. I took another year my freshman year. Through grade school, I was taught a lot about computers and technology. I feel like the years I took that class really helped me understand what I know now. Without that class, I would be very confused about a lot of things because technology plays such a big role in today's society.
I have also dealt a lot with technology outside of school. I have had cell phones, iPods, and computers. From the time I first got a cell phone to now, phones have changed a lot. They have improved and have become more high-tech. IPods have improved as well, when I first got an iPod, it was just the normal iPod Nano. Now, there are many different types out there to buy. Technology is always improving in some way and we deal with it all the time. Wherever you go today, technology plays some type of role.
I feel like as time goes on, technology will continue to expand. Today, we are seeing more and more technology being invented. No one really knows what the future holds, but because how important technology is, I think it is safe to say technology will continue to grow. I think there will be more and more ways technology will be used in the future and I look forward to see what will come next.

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