Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Day in the Life...

This collage shows what a day in the life of a Mercy student is like. I have edited these photos in photoshop to fit the coloring, size, and other effects. In two of my pictures, I have changed the color from the original to black & white. In the picture of the girl at her locker and the picture of the classroom, I have edited the exposure and saturation. In nearly all of my pictures, I used the cropping tool and in a few, I rotated them to look better. In the picture of the lockers, I changed the color balance so the light looked better in the picture. In that picture, I also used an element of photography, balance. I also showed balance in the picture of the classroom by the angle I took the picture. In the two pictures at the bottom left and bottom center, I showed simplicity.

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