Thursday, October 27, 2011

Before & After Photoshop


In order for me to change the before picture to the after, I had to use several tools in Photoshop. The overall transform of the picture was verydifficult. At times, it was hard to determine the correct skin color as well as how to place my face on the photo of Julianne Hough. Once I finished the photo, I feel good about the outcome. This makes me realize just how much photos in magazines can be editted and transformed into someone who looks nothing like the original person. This shows me how much people care about looking "perfect". People today are willing to do anything just to have a "perfect body" image. I think in this project, I did a good job fitting the face on my "after" picture. I also feel like I did well on blending my skin color to match the one of the other photo. I think I could have done a better job editting my face to make it look more realistic. I also feel like the makeup I used on my eyes could have been lighter to look more realistic. Overall, I really enjoyed the project and learned a lot about Photoshop.

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