Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Creating a Logo

The logo I chose to create was for a softball team. It relates to the purpose of it because it has a field as well as a bat to go along with it. I shaped the field to make it look like a softball with lines on it like a softball would have with a bat hitting it, which illustrates what happens during the game of softball. I have the name of the team writen inside of the bat so people know what team the logo is for.
I chose the colors, green and brown, because that is what colors are found on softball fields. I made the bat black so it would go with the field and lettering. In my logo, I used several elements in Photoshop. I used the line tool to help make the field so it was as close to perfect as I could make it. I aslo used the pin tool to help make the cruve where the outfield would be on the softball field. Another tool I used was the paint tool. I used the painting tool a lot to paint in the colors on the field.

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