Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Softball Advertisement

In the advertisement above, I created it using Photoshop. I made it like this because it invites everyone to come out and support their Mercy Jags. I created this advertisement using several tools. I used the textbox tool so I could put the text on the advertisement. I had to select the pictures on the advertisement and copy and paste them on to the advertisement. In order for me to make the softball, I used the shape tool to make the ball. To make the lines I had to use the line tool as well as the pin tool to curve the lines the way I wanted them to. For the red seams on the black lines, I decreased the opacity as well as using the eraser tool to help shape the lines. To make the red seams however, I used the paintbrush tool.On the picture of the softball field, I had to crop the photo. In order for the background to be blue, Mercy's school color, I used the fill tool which filled in the entire background. To get my logo in the bottom right corner, I used the lasso tool and then copy and pasted the logo where I wanted it to go. The pictures of the jaguar and the rocket are there to represent the mascots of each team. I enjoyed this project and liked creating my own logo as well as my own advertisement.

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